Steam Bath

A steam bath and sauna are basically alike, they both make you sweat, but there are some subtle differences, most notably the atmospheric conditions

The sauna has very low humidity which means it can be much hotter than a steam bath. Saunas are usually between 176°F (80°C) and 212°F (100°C) with low humidity +/-10%, while a steam bath is usually around 104°F (40°C) to 116°F (46°C) with a relative humidity of around 100%.

In a steam bath the room should also be constantly filled with steam.


Benefits of Steam Bath

  • Physical health benefits
  • Mental health benefits
  • Skin health benefits
  • It gives relieve tension buildup and various forms of stress.
  • Steam bath will definitely give people a soothing and relaxing effect most especially after a hard day’s work.
  • It does not only relax your muscles but most importantly it will keep your emotional mood more stable and happy.
  • Various ailments such as arthritis, muscle pains and the like can be relieved because of its warm effect to the body.
  • Old people will surely benefit from this since joint pains and other body pains can be relieved.
  • It can also help reduce weight for those who are fat and in need of losing fats.
  • Steam rooms due to its heat effect make you sweat a lot thus your body will eventually release toxins and other negative energies.
  • It will also regulate and stimulate the flow of your blood and make your metabolism works faster.
  • It also makes your skin looks fresh, young looking and truly healthy.
  • It can give you a lot of self-confidence due to the good effects it will cause to your personal appearance.


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