About us

Vidhas Fitness,it starts on 24 Jan 2010.The Creator Of Vidhas Fitness is Mr. Deepak Sharma.

  • For The First Time In Rajasthan Fully Air-Conditioned 6000 Sq.ft. of gym area on Single floor.To ensure healthy living, it is important to remain fit. To remain fit is essential to do regular exercise under proper guidance. Vidhas Fitness provides an opportunity to explore a great body under effective supervision of experienced trainers. The gym area is outfitted with modern machines and equipment to ensure a great experience.
  • Cardio Section equipped with one of the leading brands engineered by USA. A cardio area include cardiovascular training equipment of best brand and company such as Highly modified treadmills,Cross-Trainer, upright bike and recommend bike.It also Include numbers of screens to keep members entertained during long cardio workout sessions.
  • Strength section includes Roc-it series approved by (American Council on Exercise).Strength includes all body parts equipment ,which helped in body toning.
  • A main Workout area ,which primarily consist of free weights including dumbbells,barbells,weight plates and other free weight machines. free weight area also includes mirrors in full area for maintain correct posture during workout.
  • Biggest Aerobic section which includes heart throbbing music to ensure best workout and more burning calories with each class of power yoga and all other classes for flexibility.
  • Our Gym also providing 1000 sq.ft. of Spa area which includes separate facility of Sauna,Steam,Chiller and massage for women & men.
  • Separate room of Kick Boxing Arena.
  • Ample Parking Space.
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